At Chadwick Nursery, we will help you select the right plant based on the location, purpose, budget, maintenance requirements and goals. Finding the right plant for the right place can be a challenge and is often overwhelming at first. Chadwick Nursery is committed to providing our customers with healthy and hardy plants. We want your new plants to not only survive, but to thrive.


Please bear in mind the fact that our soils around the Helena area are poor in organic material and highly alkaline. In order to grow plants other than the native alpine currant, sagebrush, or ponderosa pine, you must exert some effort. Pay close attention to our planting instructions. Spend the time and effort to dig an adequate hole. Use good  topsoil and black peat. Make sure your plants get sufficient water, which can vary with the soil types, the slope, weather condition, etc.


Be Patient. Your new plant may not astound you with growth its first season – it is busy establishing its root system.   


Because our soils are not rich and fertile, we recommend that after your plant has been  planted for a year, you begin a regular program of adding nutrients. We recommend a balanced fertilizer and because of the alkaline soils, iron sulfate (Dr Iron). Some plants such as blueberries, azaleas, evergreens, and maples are particularly sensitive to alkaline soils and need extra care to
acidify the soil. Add iron sulfate and aluminum sulfate. Some young, thin barked trees should be wrapped for the brutal winter months. Deer resistant does not mean ‘deer proof.’ Use products such as tree guards to protect again deer rubbing.


Our plants are superior because we select hardy rootstocks and cultivars for the Helena area.  We select plants that are disease resistant whenever possible to provide you with a high quality healthy plant.  Our premium plants are closely monitored and pre-fertilized. We have popular plants, as well as unique, hard to find plants.


We carry the following:

Browse the catalog online, print out your favorites; and swing by to select your plants .                                               Don't forget to bring your friends.  Upon request, some plants may be special ordered.


If you are concerned about your plant’s health, please contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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Blanket Flower

Hardy perennial. Loves full sun. Drought tolerant. Great for pollinating insects and birds.